gitea/tea as an OCI image
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tea: A command line tool to interact with Gitea servers


  • docker build . -t gitea/tea:0.7.0

...or to build a specific release (check here):

  • export VERSION="0.2.0"
  • docker build . -t "gitea/tea:${VERSION}" --build-arg VERSION="${VERSION}"

...alternatively for development version:

  • docker build . -t "gitea/tea:latest" --build-arg VERSION="development"

The version of Go used during the build can also be overridden by appending e.g. '--build-arg GOVERSION="1.13.10"'


  • docker volume create tea
  • alias tea='docker run --rm -v tea:/app -v $PWD:/repo:ro -w /repo gitea/tea:<your_release>'
  • tea login add -n <name_this_login> -u <your_gitea_url> -t <your_gitea_application_token> -i


  • tea


  • tea stores its configuration in a file named 'tea.yml', which the above will store on a volume named 'tea' so that it might persist
  • a pre-built image is published via the Docker Hub