home-brew solution for ZFS snapshot replication and rotation
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# required format:
# dataset [user@host:]dataset number backup or sync Y or N
# we are securing this elsewhere; if we are using this method, we'll need to configure the target host
# 'user' needs an authorized and restricted public key for SSH access and sudoer rights on 'remotehost' to execute the following as root:
# /usr/sbin/zfs recv -Feuv datapool/backup, /usr/sbin/zfs destroy -r datapool/backup/*
data/home user@remotehost:datapool/backup 7 backup Y
# this goes to another pool on this host so no further configuration is necessary
data/config backup/data 5 backup Y
# we no longer back this up
data/volatile backup/data 2 backup N
# we only sync this one
data/replica remote/dump 31 sync Y