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  Tamás Gérczei d2ff25bc15 mode of operation is now a job parameter [closes #5] 9 months ago
  Tamás Gérczei 8ce8ceff3f implemented sync mode 9 months ago
  Tamás Gérczei 8d823a95d3 enabled compression 9 months ago
  Tamás Gérczei b185381e65 will no longer invoke zfs with full path; will use sudo on remote only if login user is not root 9 months ago
  Tamás Gérczei 881f9ace72 will now receive with the '-s' flag to enable resuming provided the system supports it 1 year ago
  Tamás Gérczei ba5a8a08d7 will now mark e-mail notifications as auto-generated 1 year ago
  Tamás Gérczei a6b5635b00 will now log the exit code upon replication failure 1 year ago
  Tamás Gérczei f14c940159 made executable 1 year ago
  Tamás Gérczei d9a92e62c4 will now send raw streams of encrypted data [closes #3] 1 year ago
  Tamás Gérczei 2e8b4d8387 [Fixes #2] will now check for remote datasets' existence before assessing their snapshots' space allocation 3 years ago
  Tamás Gérczei 5ce52cf478 typo: will now correctly recognize and notify freed space - fixes #1 3 years ago
  Tamás Gérczei c0667adce9 simplified snapuse() by removing recursion and related arithmetics 3 years ago
  Tamás Gérczei 65fb86e7dc bugfix: incremental behaviour modifiers will no longer remain in effect unless needed 3 years ago
  Tamas Gerczei 8b632d46e6 line break fix to improve readability 5 years ago
  Tamas Gerczei f371a29ae4 added new information 5 years ago
  Tamas Gerczei 96de9885d7 cosmetical changes and disambiguation 5 years ago
  Tamas Gerczei e6961ff41b initial import of working prototype 5 years ago
  Tamás Gérczei fcd74fc543 Initial commit 5 years ago