My personal Gentoo overlay published primarily in order to make x11-terms/cool-retro-term available to the community. It has a number of other ebuilds now - mostly version-bumped or slightly extended stuff from other overlays.
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EBUILD jivelite-20200419.ebuild 1923 BLAKE2B 4b7d4ee0bd7e8d33b8943063a6890fec35241077d48ab471f9b615cd64f16024d285fea572f3ea2e580883d2186299f9b26757caef3eb8ca20429edd9641eab0 SHA512 a4059f616a17e4b41d2d63ceb47e80fde53d5b4b7886e449592ea69450ba59b343332101fadc3b281313d42cf8459880b1ad35391cbfe3b7f92886430dc45012