A container image of Gitea for x86_64 architecture based on Alpine Linux and a custom-built package.

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My personal Gentoo overlay published primarily in order to make x11-terms/cool-retro-term available to the community. It has a number of other ebuilds now - mostly version-bumped or slightly extended stuff from other overlays.

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Ephemeral port picker for LoadBalancer-type Kubernetes services in clusters with a single-address external address pool

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tgerczei / conteaner
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gitea/tea as an OCI image

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An Ansible playbook to prepare a SmartOS PI for network booting

Atjaunināts pirms 3 mēnešiem

monitoring - containerized Prometheus and Grafana on HypriotOS

Atjaunināts pirms 5 mēnešiem

home-brew solution for ZFS snapshot replication and rotation

Atjaunināts pirms 7 mēnešiem

A simple playbook to automate container image building based on Alpine Linux

Atjaunināts pirms 7 mēnešiem

Simple automation to build Alpine packages

Atjaunināts pirms 8 mēnešiem

offending hosts and networks to be blocked temporarily

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Ordered guest boot-up and shutdown sequences for SmartOS

Atjaunināts pirms 2 gadiem

A distributable Docker Registry v2 build for ARMv6 targeted at older Raspberry Pi SBCs.

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Automatically update the SmartOS platform served for netbooting

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